German Quality Range

Welcome to the German Quality Range website! We have created a range of products which we have found to be the best quality on the market. Although not all the parts are made in Germany these products are to the same quality as the original part fitted to your car.

Original tooling is moved to other countries to cut down on manufacturing costs, other companies remake their own tooling but we only buy from the companies that do it right from the start with OEM quality products.

As you may be aware VW now produces the parts in Brazil, so just because it says Genuine VW it does not mean it's the best quality part for your vehicle.

With the german quality range logo you can be assured a product is to the highest spec possible or it will not make it into the range.

This range is made up of all sorts of manufaturers such as VW, Hella, Febi, Vewib ,Wolfsburgwest, bosch, SWF, VDO and Lux.

Top Quality Brands

German Quality Featured Products

Genuine VW orange front indicator lens Right 73-79
13011 2119531625 More Details
German quality rotor arm short style for use with the short cap 2/64-68
10124 111905225F More Details
Polished stainless 7 piece Deluxe trim set for body Beetle 1967
20294 113898111CSL More Details
German quality mechanism for heater control T1 7/51-67 T2 10/52-7/64
10969 113711624 More Details
German quality complete shift rod Kit 65-67
22671 211711155BKIT More Details
German quality anti roll bar mounting kit for one side 5/79-9/84
7611 251498101 More Details
German quality pick up hoop set 8/52-7/79
24830 4875-010 More Details
Wide 5 multi holed 3mm thick spacer
27648 More Details
German quality safari screen seal to body Left 55-67
12387 211847541B More Details
German quality horn ring mounting kit 8/60-7/71
10092 113998539 More Details
German quality front outer axle boot kit T4 1991-1994
7724 701498203 More Details
German quality shock absorber front T1
26800 111413031G More Details